Questions 3 and 4 are based on the news report you have just heard.

Directions: In this section, you will hear three news reports. At the end of each news report, you will hear two or three questions. Both the news report and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C), D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the center.
  • A It is the largest of its kind.
  • B It is going to be expanded.
  • C It is displaying more fossil specimens.
  • D It is starting an online exhibition.
  • A A collection of bird fossils from Australia.
  • B Photographs of certain rare fossil exhibits.
  • C Some ancient wall paintings from Australia.
  • D Pictures by winners of a wildlife photo contest.